Wednesday, October 14, 2009

ELEVATED! Slam night featuring Lucifury!

Thursday, 10/15/09 @ 9 PM

Slam Night
Featuring: Lucifury!

Theo Wilson

Lucifury is one of Denver's top ranked Slam Poets, and a founding member of Denver's Slam Nuba team. He recently slamed in the 2009 Indivigual World Poetry Slam held in San Francisco California where he stood among 12 finalist. Famous for his surreal way with words and concepts has built him one of the largest fan bases of any underground artist in Colorado. Lucifury won the title of "Most Erotic Slam Poet," in 2007 during the National Poetry Slam in Austin Texas. He is the 2 time Slaughterhouse Slam Champion, and along with the Slam Nuba team, won the Southwest Shootout Slam in Dallas, Texas in 2008.

Lucifury began his spoken word career as a rapper, crafting his style during the battle rap era of the late nineties. This quickly expanded into spoken word during his time as a full time performer in St. Louis in 2004. When he returned to Denver that year, he began to compete at the Mercury Café, where he began a nearly unprecedented winning streak that lasted until he got to the team selections for the National Poetry Slams.

Lucifury has opened for artists such as Dead Prez , Bahamadia, Universes, and The Flobots. With his Lyrical ability, he will soon be taking his career to heights unseen by poets in this era. Come on out & hear Lucifury as he will move the crowd with his aggressive writing and introspective performance!

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