Thursday, June 24, 2010


The 2010 San Diego Slam Team was selected in one of the most heated Grand Slams in San Diego history. Eleven of San Diego's best poets slammed it out for the honor and privilege of representing San Diego at the 2010 National Poetry Slam in Minneapolis, MN. The night started with a semi-final round of 5 poets: Kendrick Dial, Tamara Blu, Blest, Jerrica Escoto, and JRO. After a highly competitive round, Kendrick Dial, Jerrica Escoto, and Tamara Blu moved on to compete in the final 2 rounds against this season's slam champions. Sitting in the shadows, waiting to see who would advance were Ant Black, Rudy Francisco, Succinct, Deacon Blair, CCEP, Jason O'Neil, Imani Cezanne, and April Rojas. Each of them earned a first round bye when they were crowned San Diego Slam Champion in the previous months.

All of the poets came out swinging for the fence in the first round of the finals. After the first round, 7 of the poets moved on to the final round: Kendrick Dial, Rudy Francisco, Ant Black, Jerrica Escoto, Imani Cezanne, CCEP, Succinct, and April Rojas. In the final round, new poems ruled and the judges rewarded the poets for their raw, emotional, audience-moving performances. After a tough round of highs and lows, the judges completed their task and the selection of the was final. After scoring a near perfect 59.75 the 2010 San Diego Grand Slam Champion was crowned: RUDY FRANCISCO! Joining him on your 2010 San Diego Slam Team is Ant Black, Imani Cezanne, Succinct, and Jerrica Escoto!

All the poets competing deserve recognition and congratulations. It was one of the most competitive Grand Slams in San Diego Slam history. A poet visiting from the East Coast commented, "it was the best slam I have ever seen!" Please take a moment congratulate the poets who competed and the poets who made the team. They will be working hard to represent San Diego at the regional and national level.

We will be competing in the California Western Regionals in Los Angeles July 8-1o, 2010 and at the National Poetry Slam in Minneapolis, MN August 1-8, 2010. The team will need all of your support and well wishes. We will also need help financially. We have to raise approximately $4,500 to make the trips for the competition. There will be several fundraisers in the summer to assist in funding. The Slam Team is also selling a live CD, 5 ACES, for $10. If you would like to purchase the CD and/or make a donation, please use the link below. Every little bit helps and the team greatly appreciates your support!