Friday, August 14, 2009

ELEVATED! featuring Korim!

Thursday, 7/20/09 @ 9 PM
Featuring: Korim!

Man from the pits of poetry Poetry from God, Texas, and the Universe He is 19 years young and five years into the stage Stages in L.A., N.Y.C, D.C., and other non "letter and period" named cities Blessed east to west Voice Horse from south to north Knows he will be this forever Long Hair, Light-Skinned, Two wholes, one ear-ring He changes as often as the weather these days yes, he cares about global warming has absolute faith in this generation says we are the second coming Writer, Poet, Performer currently located somewhere between brooklyn and harlem. Holding his heart in his hands It is leaking all over the place Many need to see this mess He'll be there Thinks resume's are rediculous A man's work is what's worthwhile record is necesarry; he gets it. So Flypoets in L.A. And Mouth off in Oakland, Nuyorican in NYC and Say Word in Richmond, Embargo in Dallas/Ft.Worth and WineUp in Charlotte, Brave New Voices in New York, San Jose, and D.C., National Poetry Slam in Austin and Madison, Featured on NPS 2008 DVD, Soundbites Poetry Slam Winner, Youngest Slam Champ in Texas? Absolutely Korim poet from the pits of a woman from Texas. Thinks often. Knows rarely. Understands nothing. He only wants to speak He only want to teach you him Learn this man Korim is quite a journey Take it from me -Jonathon Sterling

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